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Chimney Water Leak Detection and Repair

If you’re like some other unfortunate homeowners in Houston, you might be experiencing some water infiltration into your home due to a leaky chimney. There are many reasons why your chimney leaks. Usually it’s because the chimney has deteriorated due to the wear and tear over time, and being exposed to the elements. When a chimney starts to leak; the chimney brick in the attic is soaked and drips onto the ceiling. Not only can the walls and ceiling get damaged but it can also effect people can who have problems breathing. Mold forms from the stagnant water which will affect the air quality in your home.

Before a professional chimney technician can fix your chimney, he has to determine where the water is entering your home. There are many places that water can enter your home, always making leak diagnosis a difficult challenge. The most common way to determine the source of the leak is by spraying water on the chimney with a hose on a clear day. The technician will begin by spraying the foundation, and working his way up.  Someone from the inside of the home will look for interior moisture on the chimney. If the leak can be matched to a specific location on the chimney, we’ll use a sealant to seal off the leak. It’s very important to use the right sealant as the wrong one could keep vapors inside the brick; allowing moisture to seep into your home.

The next step is to check the flashing.  Flashing is the sheet of metal that you’ll find where the base of the chimney meets the roof. Metal flashing is used to prevent water from collecting at the chimney base and damaging the chimney. We’ll usually perform a full inspection of the flashing, looking for caulking that’s dried up or has eroded over time, rusted flashing, or flashing that doesn’t properly overlap. In some case we will be able to repair the flashing but others require a full replacement.

We’ll check the cement cap at the top next. Most chimneys have a chimney crown that act as a funnel and divert water away from the home.  Chimney crowns are available with a metal constructed, as is the case with prefabricated chimneys or with regular brick mortar which isn’t as durable. Over the years we’ve noticed that crowns that have been improperly constructed with regular brick mortar is a major cause of chimney leaks. The cap and mortar joints may crack after being exposed to different weather conditions. When this occurs we’ll have to add new mortar to your chimney.

There are several factors that make every chimney unique in its own way. Each type of brick used in constructing the chimney, differences in the mortar and the amount and quality of the application all contribute to the durability of the chimney and can be a source of water penetration. We usually apply large amounts of water repellent to all of our leaky chimney jobs just to be sure. Only by paying close attention to the details and being as thorough as possible can we guarantee our work to our clients.

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